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InQuik joins constructsteel

We are pleased to announce that InQuik has joined constructsteel as an associate member. With their innovative modular bridge systems, InQuik have manufactured and delivered more than 200 robust and resilient bridges across Australia, the Pacific and the USA with their patented modular system. A versatile option suitable for road, rail, maritime and defence applications.

Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.Ş. joins constructsteel

constructsteel proudly announces the addition of Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.Ş. as a valued regular member. Join us in welcoming our first members from the Republic of Türkiye.

Innovate with structural steel

Kim Olson, constructsteel's Vice-Chair, delves into steel industry innovation, inspired by big tech success. By fostering teamwork and leveraging constructsteel's task groups, we gather shared knowledge for significant advancements. Olson envisions united action driving steel innovation, and advancing the industry through knowledge sharing.

Disaster prevention & restoration

Steel structures are easily transported and assembled on-site, reducing construction time and saving energy and money. Steel solutions are ideal for protecting our buildings and infrastructure from disasters.

Steel Solutions platform

The Steel Solutions platform aims to centralise steel construction products and solutions from around the world.

Steel – A necessity for growing requirements of sustainable infrastructure

Ashish Anupam, constructsteel's Vice-Chair, underscores steel's vital role in sustainable infrastructure growth, crucial for durable buildings and transport networks worldwide. Innovating production methods is key for sustainability, particularly in fast-developing nations like India, ensuring a reliable steel supply for future projects and fostering safer, smarter cities.



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