about constructsteel

About constructsteel

constructsteel is the steel construction market development programme of the World Steel Association


constructsteel is a global marketing and research-focused programme whose role is to position and target specific markets & topics requested by members for members. At the same time, constructsteel has a regional dimension i.e. to assist in transforming global efforts into opportunities at the regional level.


Our mission is to position the use of steel as a material of choice in a sustainable way and by communicating its benefits to construction stakeholders.

Benefits of joining

  1. Participating members contribute towards current work items and to propose new areas.
  2. Participating members may contribute to discussions and learn from the experiences of other members.
  3. Invite experienced professionals to address topics and share what can be done to improve agreed items.
  4. Share and promote items.
  5. Help position steel as the material of choice for construction creating demand now and in the future

constructsteel leadership team and staff

Terrence Busuttil
Director, constructsteel

Dr. Joseph Seungmin La (POSCO)
Chair, constructsteel

Jonathan Clemens (Tata Steel Europe)
Vice-Chair, constructsteel

Tabitha Stine, Nucor

Tabitha S. Stine (Nucor Corporation)
Vice-Chair, constructsteel

Prof. Dr. Olivier Vassart (ArcelorMittal)
Vice-Chair, constructsteel

Gabriela Borges, constructsteel

Gabriela Borges
Communications Manager, constructsteel

Leanne Taylor
Coordinator – Events and Administration, constructsteel