Trisobuild wall systems – steel insulated panels

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Built-up wall steel insulated panel cladding systems open up design and performance possibilities for your project.
Whatever functionality be it fire resistance, acoustic performance, structural capacity or aesthetic appeal it has it.

Ambulance Station, Cardiff Sustainable Building Envelope Centre Oban High School, Argyll


All our products are fully tested by third parties for criteria such as thermal performance, fire safety, acoustic performance, air-tightness, and resistance to water penetration. This together with our extensive and unbiased technical support sets us apart.

All Trisobuild wall systems can be covered under our Platinum Plus system guarantee. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

Trisobuild systems are supplied with Colorcoat pre-finished steel for the external and internal skin so that we can provide the very highest quality and service to our customers.

All Trisobuild components are easily handled on site without specialist mechanical equipment, due to lightweight components. This can be important when working on sites with limited access.

Loss Prevention Certification Board approval to LPS 1181 part 1 for fire performance, helps to lower insurance premiums.

Trisobuild FW systems provide cost effective systems for 15, 30 and 60 minute fire insulation resistance. Providing solutions for all external wall fire requirements within the building regulations.

Environmental Product Declarations are available for all the Trisobuild wall system solutions. Request a bespoke product or system specific EN 15804 Type III EPD to help accrue points under building certification schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

We will recommend the most appropriate system for your project to provide you with a building envelope solution that meets your requirements for design and performance criteria.


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