Skinning Module 02

CA Plan – All Regions

Skinning module 01 is designed to form a specialized pattern by changing the height according to the shape of the lower extremities, especially by using the snake skin grid.


Module 02 is a type in which the same module is placed on a specified grid without overlapping parts and a three-dimensional surface is formed. The module repeats 10 types of modules in a voluminous way, creating a unique pattern overall. For each of the 10 modules, the degree of exposure varies because the size of the cut surface is different during processing, and the degree of exposure varies according to the degree. Unlike other types in which the same module is repeated, by using 10 different modules, the characteristic that a large flow of patterns that cannot be seen in the near field is seen in the distant view is a unique characteristic of module 01, which is varied according to the viewpoint.


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