textbooks about steel

Education and high quality textbooks are crucial to developing an interest in steel structures and their benefits for clients, architects and designers.

However, despite the need to inspire the industry’s next generation, many textbooks on steel structures are commissioned on a low budget, resulting in material that lacks imagination and tends to feature, at best, moderate illustrations.

These textbooks are usually intended for high school and university level students, as well as designers who are not yet specialised in steel and steel construction. Therefore, it is vital that lecturers have access to up-to-date books that offer clear and concise explanations, while inspiring readers about the possibilities of steel through beautiful graphics and images.

Steel Structures is a set of English textbooks translated from the original Dutch that are based on the EN version of Eurocode with differences in nationally defined parameters included in an annex.

These textbooks are intended for high-school and university level students. The content is applicable to designers who are not specialised in steel and steel construction.

The first book is available for purchase below and the remaining books in the series are planned for translation and publication in accordance with the below timeline.

  1. Structural basics
  2. Connections (forthcoming)
  3. Fire (forthcoming)
  4. Composite (forthcoming)
  5. Joints (forthcoming)
  6. Stability (forthcoming)
  7. Single storey buildings (forthcoming)

Structural basics

A textbook for students as well as a reference guide to structural engineers in practice. This book is available for €90 at worldsteel.org. For more information, contact: constructsteel@worldsteel.org.