courses in steel


Steel is deployed for its sustainable qualities and will play a key role meeting the environmental challenges faced by the world’s population. With this in mind, it’s vital that the next generation of engineers and architects are able to learn their craft and be a driving force for sustainable construction.

There are many high-level courses around the world that allow you to improve your knowledge and skills in steel, as well your understanding of how and why it is used so regularly in construction projects worldwide.

Below are some of the courses that can help you boost your steel expertise.

  • Construction – steeluniversity Online

    Part of the steel applications course, you will explore the diversity and versatility of steel across various types, shapes, properties and applications in buildings and infrastructure. Topics include Applications in Construction and Failure Modes.

  • Design of Steel Structures to Eurocode 3 – The Workshop Institute of Civil Engineers, Various locations

    Comprehensive review of the use and application of Eurocode 3 for the design of steel building structures. It considers all the key aspects of structural steel design including structural behaviour, materials, structural components and joints.

  • MSc Structural Engineering – The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Focusing on both concrete and steel structures, it provides a grounding for a career in structural design and construction, and also offers an advanced understanding of approaches to design using the latest UK and European codes.

  • MSc Structural Steel Design – Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

    A career-orientated course covering both theoretical background and practical design considerations. The core modules are Steel Components, Structural Analysis, Structural Stability, and Structural Steel Technology.