The World Steel Association (worldsteel) and the Steel Construction Development Association (SCDA) of the Russian Federation signed a cooperation agreement during the annual Russian metallurgical conference held on 13 November 2017 in Moscow.

The agreement formalized the already strong relationship between the two associations. Indeed, worldsteel has been active in the Russian Federation promoting Western European steel construction promotion experience and particularly the positive relationship between steel promotion and the market share of steel frames in floor space. 

The role of SCDA as the key promoter of steel in buildings is instrumental particularly given the relatively small market share of steel frames in floor space vis a vis the Western European average. As from 2018, SCDA is launching a programme to develop the use of light gauge steel framing in buildings based on the improvement in local design codes, education and promotion. 

The role of worldsteel is to act as a bridge by assisting in the facilitation of best practices, knowledge and contacts to support the mandate of SCDA. The goal of worldsteel in this process is to see increased use of Russian steel in domestic buildings.

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