Steel rebar on site

Construction conditions

Construction sites can present a range of challenging conditions. The ability of steel to be manufactured off-site is an advantage for speed of construction. This has many benefits in more difficult sites as steel structures can be erected quickly and efficiently, requiring a smaller team.

In remote locations that are more difficult to access, steel structures have added benefits as they require less transport of raw materials, meaning fewer trucks or other on-site traffic.

In difficult environmental conditions, where there is high humidity or more extreme weather, steel components can be treated for corrosion off-site. Equally, in high-seismic areas, steel buildings have a lower mass and the material is able to absorb energy and provide significant earthquake resistance.

In crowded urban areas, the speed of construction enabled by steel structures minimises disruption to surrounding infrastructure and services. Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, steel also allows for smaller foundations, allowing for more ambitious building projects to be realised with limited ground space.

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