Prof. Olivier Vassart –  constructsteel Chair 

Advancing steel solutions – global efforts in construction

In the recent years, constructsteel has facilitated the exchange between steel producers from all over the world on shared industry concerns, such as energy-efficient steel buildings, decarbonisation of structures, enhancing material efficiency through the use of higher strength steel, advancing construction industrialization, and more.

Our members have recognised that, despite varying global markets worldwide, the fundamental challenges are consistent, and constructsteel can support our industry in collectively addressing these issues.

Significant progress has also been made by engaging with alternative materials, with not only concrete, but also timber, enabling the joint proposition of composite steel solutions to enhance construction efficiency. The strategic combination of materials will allow the construction industry to build more efficient buildings and empowers designers to optimise material usage.

Many regions now confront significant challenges as a consequence of climate change, such as severe winds, coastal storms, floods, and recent earthquakes in several countries. As an industry engaged in construction, it is our duty to provide affordable and safe solutions to populations facing these issues. At our recent annual conference in Seoul, South Korea, we released a Best Practice Guide featuring readily available solutions for Disaster Prevention and Restoration.

This year, constructsteel will continue working with its members to further develop knowledge and solutions aligned with identified common themes in the construction market. Emphasis will be placed on further establishing a stakeholder ecosystem capable of disseminating the acquired knowledge within local markets. constructsteel will leverage its extensive network of members, its Global Advisory Committee (GAC), and the scale and legitimacy of The World Steel Association (worldsteel) to be able to have meaningful interactions with regulators and key decision-makers in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Steel is the material of choice for future construction, owing to its strength, flexibility, and inherent circularity.