Kelani Bridge is the first steel mega viaduct in Sri Lanka

The new Kelani Bridge is an outstanding example of structural steel use in a mega viaduct.

Australian highway upgrade with BlueScope’s REDCOR

The Berry to Bomaderry Highway upgrade is a newly upgraded, four-lane section of road, that includes two composite bridges constructed using BlueScope’s REDCOR Weathering Steel.

POSCO opens Park1538 to the public in Pohang, South Korea

Park1538 is a new landmark located next to POSCO’s headquarters overlooking Pohang Steelworks. Park1538 is named after the melting point of pure steel – 1538℃ – and was built as a cultural space to share POSCO’s past, present, and future with the public.

Walvis Bay Port

Walvis Bay port expands southern Africa’s logistical capacity

Sited on reclaimed land, the new facility is bordered by 600 metres of new quay wall that enables a water depth in the port of 16.5 metres.

Artist's rendition of Chacao Bridge

South America’s longest suspension bridge will be earthquake resistant

In one of the most challenging engineering projects ever undertaken, Chile is building a unique steel-built suspension bridge near the site of the strongest earthquake ever recorded.


Multidirectional lift system reinvents urban mobility

Engineers at TK Elevator have created an innovative multidirectional lift system that could revolutionise urban mobility and the design of large buildings.

Artist's rendition of Canakkale 1915 Bridge

World’s longest suspension bridge will connect Europe and Asia

Scheduled to open in 2023, the Canakkale 1915 bridge will be a steel-built infrastructure first, spanning the Dardanelles strait that separates the European and Asian continents.

case study crossrail

The construction innovations powering Crossrail’s ambition

Slated to open some time between October 2020 and March 2021, Crossrail is an ambitious project to develop a new railway – called the Elizabeth line – that represents the largest current infrastructure development in Europe.

why steel in infrastructure

Steel is the backbone of vital infrastructure

Steel is utilised globally in the construction of infrastructure, from bridges to tunnels, airports and train stations. It is a versatile and durable material that provides solutions to the engineering challenges these projects often represent.