Tata Steel’s Nest-In is building a sustainable India

Nest-In by Tata Steel offers green and sustainable prefab solutions in India using various technologies. HabiNest, the LGSF solution, is designed to be more sustainable, saving water, energy, and material and is aligned with multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

Notes on navigating the evolving sustainability landscape via AISC, Modern Steel Construction

In the last decade or so, sustainability and environmental impacts have gained significant relevance in the structural design and construction fields.

Shaping steel for the 21st century

It’s easy to get excited about steel. It’s one of the most useful, versatile and dynamic materials, which can transform into products that truly matter to all of us – houses, buildings, sports stadiums, BBQs, automotive and so much more.

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre – A holistic approach to sustainable buildings

Between a quarter and a half of all greenhouse emissions result from the use of buildings. As such, the aim of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) is to research, collaborate, and link with industry to meet the challenge of improving the performance of new and existing building stock.

ACT COVID-19 Surge Centre delivered in record time with pre-fab steel

In the grip of the global COVID-19 pandemic, construction company Manteena and prefabrication specialists Austruss delivered a world class COVID-19 surge centre in just 36 days.

InQuik revolutionises the future of bridge design

A modular bridge construction methodology, the InQuik Bridge System was invented and developed by Bruce Mullaney, Logan Mullaney and Jim Howell in 2015.