The constructsteel Awards recognise construction projects over a one-year period in three main categories: Innovation of the Year, Excellence in Sustainabilty, and Best Project of the Year. 

Entries are solicited through national and regional steel and construction associations. A stringent judging process is followed, with the constructsteel Global Advisory Committee (GAC) and the constructsteel Leadership Team assessing entries based on predefined performance criteria.

Launched in 2023, the constructsteel Awards recognise steel construction stakeholders for their contribution to the positioning of steel in the construction industry over a one-year period, i.e., 2022 in a series of categories impacting the construction industry. The awards will be handed out each year at constructsteel’s annual conference.

Nominations are requested via the national/regional steel construction associations. Entries are then judged by the constructsteel Global Advisory Committee (GAC) and subsequently by the constructsteel Leadership Team using agreed performance criteria.

Some general rules apply: 

  • Only one (1) entry from each national and regional steel construction association is accepted, i.e., nominations are being sought from the following:
    • Latin America: Asociación Latinoamericana del Acero (ALACERO)
    • North America:  
      • United States: American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
    • European Union: European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS)
    • Asia 
      • India: Institute for Steel Development and Growth (INSDAG)
      • China: China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
      • Japan: Japan Iron & Steel Federation (JISF)
      • South Korea: Korean Iron & Steel Association (KOSA)
    • Oceania 
      • Australia: Australian Steel Institute (ASI)
      • New Zealand: Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA)
  • National and regional steel and construction associations are not to enter on their own behalf but to request nominations from their non-steel-producing members
  • By making an entry the construction stakeholder gives permission to constructsteel for the contents to be used for communications and promotion activities.
  • All marking and comments are confidential and will not be made available. The judges’ decisions are final.

The 2023 winners will be awarded at the constructsteel Annual Conference in Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday, 26 September.

Please use the links on the side for more information on the winners.

2023 constructsteel Awards categories

Category 1 | Innovation of the year

This award acknowledges groundbreaking innovations within the steel industry, exclusively from final product manufacturers. Submissions are welcome in three categories: final construction products aimed at reducing carbon emissions, final steel construction products with enhanced performance encompassing cost-efficiency and reduced construction periods, and engineering and construction solutions improving overall structure performance while considering sustainability and innovation in steel-related technologies. This recognition celebrates exceptional innovation in steel by final product manufacturers, emphasising sustainability and performance enhancement.

Category 2 | Excellence in sustainability

This award spotlights a singular sustainability initiative or program that demonstrated a positive impact across economic, environmental, and social dimensions. This initiative should have significantly contributed to enhancing sustainability performance, benefiting the company, its local community, or the construction industry as a whole. Examples could encompass addressing critical industry sustainability issues (e.g., low-carbon transition, recycling, energy efficiency), community projects promoting environmental benefits and education, advocacy for regulatory changes, bolstering the sustainability brand reputation of steel construction, enhancing industry perception, or improving stakeholder engagement and communication. This award celebrates outstanding contributions to sustainability across multiple facets.

Category 3 | Best Project of the Year

This award recognises outstanding achievements in construction projects, focusing on two main aspects: projects that effectively reduce carbon emissions through steel usage and those demonstrating innovative and intensive steel application. Submissions should provide in-depth insights into steel grades, applications, quantities, construction methods, aesthetics, costs, and supply chain collaboration within these domains.