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Disaster prevention and restoration using steel solutions

This best practice guidebook offers an extensive reference dedicated to the innovative application of steel solutions related to disaster prevention and restoration. This guidebook is presented by constructsteel, the steel construction market development programme of the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

In recognition of the growing frequency of natural and man-made disasters and the importance of disaster prevention and restoration, constructsteel has reacted by issuing its inaugural best practice guidebook for disaster prevention and restoration using steel solutions. This guidebook showcases and highlights the final steel product solutions of constructsteel’s members, including exceptional strength, resilience, corrosion resistance, durability & rapid assembly and deployment capabilities vis a vis disaster prevention and restoration. We trust this guidebook will prove useful to those involved in disaster prevention and restoration efforts worldwide, as we showcase steel’s role in enhancing the resilience of our communities and infrastructure against natural and man-made forces.

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Chairman, World Steel Association (worldsteel) / CEO, POSCO Holdings

Jeong-Woo Choi

“As a means to inspire the construction sector to embrace innovative structural steel products for disaster prevention and restoration, we have compiled this guidebook to introduce diverse solutions offered by worldsteel members. These solutions have already demonstrated their effectiveness through diverse applications. worldsteel sincerely hopes that this guidebook offers useful guidance on how steel can assist in overcoming disasters.”

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Disaster prevention and restoration

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