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Trimapanel – PIR insulated architectural wall panels

Tata Steel UK – United Kingdom

Our range of Trimapanel PIR insulated architectural wall panels provide the ability to create a simplistic design with a one piece component.

The Trimapanel family includes a range of steel faced insulated architectural wall panels.

Trisobuild wall systems – steel insulated panels

Tata Steel UK – United Kingdom

Built-up wall steel insulated panel cladding systems open up design and performance possibilities for your project.
Whatever functionality be it fire resistance, acoustic performance, structural capacity or aesthetic appeal it has it.

RoofDek – Steel roof decking

Tata Steel UK – United Kingdom

We offer a comprehensive range of structural steel roof decking products, manufactured in the UK, ranging from 32mm to 200mm deep and a range of structural liner trays.

Trisomet – steel insulated panels

Tata Steel UK – United Kingdom

Optimum performance for water drainage, strength and walkability.
Trisomet are steel insulated panels manufactured as a single component suitable for both roof and wall cladding applications.

Super Jumbos

ArcelorMittal – All Regions

Super Jumbos are extra heavy rolled wide flange sections with up to 140 mm (5 1/2 in) flange thickness and weigh up to 1377 kg/m (925lbs/ft).


ArcelorMittal – All Regions

Angelina beam offer a new architectural dimension and environmentally friendly approach. With their sinusoidal web openings, they combine function with flexibility, integrating technical installations and optimizing the weight/height ratio.


Tata Steel Limited – India

Nest-In strives to provide complete turnkey solutions with unique customer experience at its core. Offering a wide range of prefabricated solutions for industrial infrastructure, housing, sanitation, portable cabins and lifestyle solutions.

SmartFAB Welded wire mesh or fabric

Tata Steel Limited – All Regions

SmartFab is a ready to use welded wire mesh suitable for various applications like grade slabs in warehouse floor, deck slabs, concrete roads, drains, precast panels etc.

Weaving Module 02

CA Plan – All Regions

Module 02 forms a structure in which flat modules in the shape of butterfly wings intersect three-dimensional at an angle of about 60 degrees.

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