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Singapore University School of Design

Singapore University’s net zero-energy building operating at 30% energy surplus

The School of Design & Environment building in Singapore is a world-leading example of a net zero-energy building (NZEB) in the tropics.

Reinforcing the future of steel in construction

constructsteel will hold its fourth steel construction conference on 7 September 2022 in New Delhi, India. Since 2019, our annual conferences have successfully brought together steel construction experts from across the globe, with editions in Düsseldorf, London, and Dubai.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower raises the bar for energy efficient skyscrapers

While its height and iconic ‘corkscrew’ design catch the eye, the Shanghai Tower’s peerless green credentials will be its true legacy.

July constructsteel newsletter

Notes on navigating the evolving sustainability landscape from experts at Vulcraft-Verco Group of Nucor. Plus, insights into how closing the labour gaps can help revitalize US infrastructure.

June constructsteel newsletter

An interview with Dr. Kazuaki Suzuki from Nippon Steel on their efforts toward a sustainable society by developing high-performance steel materials and technologies for disaster-resistant steel structural buildings. Plus, a look into the way forward for net-zero building and construction.

May constructsteel newsletter

Updates from our member BlueScope on three initiatives that will help improve the use of steel around the world. Plus, an analysis of the major changes eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions would entail to the world’s stock of infrastructure assets.

April constructsteel newsletter

Read a short interview with Dr. Olivier Vassart, Chief Executive Officer Steligence at ArcelorMittal, and a constructsteel Vice-Chair, on the sustainability of steel. Plus, a look at the US construction staff shortage and what the sector can do to close the gap.

March constructsteel newsletter

Learn about an Australian research facility designed to address the challenge of transforming the built environment into a sustainable one. Also, a look into how real-estate leaders can decarbonise, and create new business opportunities.

Salesforce Tower showcases Nucor’s Aeos steel potential

Salesforce Tower Chicago is an emerging steel marvel which will feature 1.2 million usable square feet and stand 60 stories.



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