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Innovate with structural steel

Kim Olson, constructsteel's Vice-Chair, delves into steel industry innovation, inspired by big tech success. By fostering teamwork and leveraging constructsteel's task groups, we gather shared knowledge for significant advancements. Olson envisions united action driving steel innovation, and advancing the industry through knowledge sharing.

Disaster prevention & restoration

Steel structures are easily transported and assembled on-site, reducing construction time and saving energy and money. Steel solutions are ideal for protecting our buildings and infrastructure from disasters.

Steel Solutions platform

The Steel Solutions platform aims to centralise steel construction products and solutions from around the world.

Steel – A necessity for growing requirements of sustainable infrastructure

Ashish Anupam, constructsteel's Vice-Chair, underscores steel's vital role in sustainable infrastructure growth, crucial for durable buildings and transport networks worldwide. Innovating production methods is key for sustainability, particularly in fast-developing nations like India, ensuring a reliable steel supply for future projects and fostering safer, smarter cities.

Exploring innovations in steel construction through videos

Introducing our knowledge sharing efforts with esteemed international universities and steel experts: a series of informative videos delving into crucial topics at the forefront of steel engineering.

Advancing steel solutions – global efforts in construction

Our new chair, Prof. Olivier Vassart, highlights how constructsteel facilitates global exchange among steel producers. Learn from Vassart how the industry is addressing shared challenges, and providing disaster-prevention solutions amidst climate change. Join us in shaping the future of construction with steel's strength, flexibility, and sustainability.



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