Mighty Building 3D-printed home

World’s first 3D printed net-zero home

A new concrete-free, net-zero home in California is a sea change for sustainable building, producing 99% less waste than traditional building methods.

Highly sustainable ecohomes built on green design principles

Able to be constructed in a matter of weeks, Ecomo homes uses off-site production to create rapid assembly modular dwellings that are as stunning as they are sustainable.

The House of Tomorrow Today

House of Tomorrow Today delivers comfort and sustainability

An experimental home in the Netherlands is providing powerful insights into the principles of sustainable design through the cold-formed steel frame that sits at its core.

case study streatham regeneration

Streatham project showcases flexibility of steel construction

The site of the former Streatham Ice Rink has been re-developed to create a new supermarket with a six-storey residential building on top using light steel framing.

case study the greenland centre

The unexplored potential of recycled skyscrapers

Since the 19th century, steel has been crucial in high-rise construction. But what happens when those towers fall into disuse? A new project in Australia shows how steel can be used sustainably for future constructions.

why steel in residential

Steel’s growing role in residential building projects

As the planet’s populations continue to grow and urban areas must accommodate them, the pressure on the residential construction sector is only set to increase. What benefits does steel offer for residential building projects?