The Forge – UK’s first net zero carbon commercial building

A new office building development in South London is a pioneering innovation project showcasing leaner and greener commercial construction practices.

Lakhta Centre, Russia

Lakhta centre represents new greener era for skyscrapers

The Lakhta Centre in Russia is not only one of the tallest buildings in Europe, it is one of the five most eco-friendly skyscrapers on the planet.

ConstructSteel Museum of the future Dubai

Museum of the Future pushes the boundaries of aesthetic design

One of the most challenging and unique building projects in the world, Dubai’s Museum of the Future is a true architectural experiment

Huangtengxia Tianmen Sky Walk

Glass corridor in China takes tourists above the clouds

This stunning steel-built tourist attraction in China features the world’s biggest piece of glass, among other record-breaking engineering feats.

case study kerry headquarters

Kerry’s Headquarters is a triumph of speedy design

The European Headquarters for Kerry Group’s Global Technology and Innovation Centre has a capacity of 25,000m2 over four storeys, which are used for functions such as offices, meeting rooms, and research and development facilities.

case study leeza soho

The material behind the world’s largest atrium

Zaha Hadid Architects’ new 207-metre Beijing skyscraper, Leeza SOHO, features a twisting, steel-formed atrium space, which – at 194 metres – is the world’s tallest.

The Porsche Pavilion, Wolfsburg, Germany

A steel-built love letter to classic Porsche sportscars

The swooping lines of a Porsche have long been considered a triumph of automotive design, but what if an architect were given the chance to create an homage to those classic sportscars?

why steel in commercial

Steel offers unique flexibility for commercial buildings

There is increasingly strong demand for premium quality office space, especially in compacted centre spaces of large cities. High-profile companies want buildings that offer impeccable architectural and environmental standards for their corporate headquarters.