In March, Global experts gathered to explore how recent successes and innovations in construction could shape a rewarding future for India’s steel industry.

At Tata Steel India’s first Construction Conclave held in Dubai, UAE in March 2018, The World Steel Association (worldsteel) argued that it’s time for the Indian steel industry to join forces and reach out to customers and partners, with the common goal of increasing the use of steel in construction.

Improving the promotion of steel in construction was a key topic. worldsteel proposed developing a mechanism for countries who have already had success when promoting to the Indian market, which would make it easier for them to share their stories and best practices with others.

Construction and infrastructure are poised for significant growth in India over the next five to 10 years. Therefore, the Indian steel industry must engage early with all stakeholders and customers to ensure that steel plays a dominant role in shaping the future of construction.