Introducing our knowledge sharing efforts with esteemed international universities and steel experts: a series of informative videos delving into crucial topics at the forefront of steel engineering.

Steel Structures and Fires

Discover the fascinating world of steel structures and their fire resistance in this informative video. From the Empire State Building to the CCTV Tower, many iconic landmarks are made of steel for its unparalleled stiffness and ductility. However, the perception that steel structures must be protected against fire has led to costly and outdated design approaches. In this video, we explore modern methodologies and performance-based approaches that consider the real behaviour of steel structures in fires, resulting in safer buildings and significant cost savings. Watch and learn more about steel structures and fire resistance.

Credits: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Steel Connections for Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable Construction

Explore the intricacies of steel connections in this enlightening video presented by the Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure and Digital Construction at the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology. Delve into the expertise of the research team as they unravel the complexities of steel connections, offering insights into safety, reliability, and sustainability in construction practices.

Credits: Swinburne University of Technology

Application of High Strength Steel in Structures

Uncover the transformative influence of high-strength steel in engineering wonders with this compelling video presented by the College of Civil Engineering at Tongji University. Addressing emissions and transforming construction for resilience and sustainability, this exploration highlights the significant impact of high-strength steel, from emission reduction to fortifying infrastructure durability. Join us in discovering how this material is shaping a greener, more resilient future.

Credits: Tongji University

We invite professionals, academics, and enthusiasts in the field of engineering to engage with these thought-provoking discussions. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of steel engineering principles or stay abreast of the latest advancements, these videos offer invaluable insights. Join us in exploring the dynamic world of steel engineering by watching these enlightening presentations.