Construction market trends

US | Supply shortages constraining residential supply but demand strong; conditions positive in non-residential sector with output yet to bottom

Europe | Construction continues to pick up

China | Further declines in the residential property sector

India | Core sector growth weaker than expected in November with heavy rain in parts of Southern India impacting activity

Special topic

Indian infrastructure growth – A story of continuous progress and transformation

Sanjay Jayram, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at JSW Steel, outlines the importance of strong infrastructure growth in India in order to achieve India’s ambitious goal of becoming a US$ 5 trillion economy by 2025.

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Technical trends

Infrastructure investing to build a net-zero-carbon world

Infrastructure investors face the opportunity—and the challenge—of helping Europe meet its decarbonisation goals. Their focus is to protect past investments, future-proof current ones, and find the next great project.

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