Construction market trends

US | Housing market slowing with rising mortgage rates leading to reduced affordability for first time buyers; Private non-residential output slowing.

Europe | Construction slowing amid inflation and increased uncertainty; Construction PMI contracts to 49.2 in May (<50=contraction) and for first time since August 2021.

China | Real estate sector negatively impacted due to new COVID-19 restrictions and city lockdowns; People’s Bank of China announces a reduction in mortgage loan interest rates for first-time homebuyers.

India | The core industries sector growth saw a pickup in economic activity in April driven by oil sector growth.

Special topic

Continuing to create sustainable buildings using steel

The demand for disaster-resistant buildings is continuously increasing amid efforts to make Japan’s social infrastructure sustainable. Dr. Kazuaki Suzuki from Nippon Steel shares insights on their efforts toward a sustainable society by developing high-performance steel materials and technologies for disaster-resistant steel structural buildings.

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Technical trends

Net-zero steel in building and construction: The way forward

Rising demand for greener approaches creates an imperative for the industry to seize the moment, adopt new mindsets, and set standards for the transition to a greener future.

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