Construction market trends

US | Residential sector strong but building material shortages pose risks; private non-residential output continues to stabilise.

Europe | Leading Indicators point towards stabilising activity in construction.

China | Chinese real estate generally buoyant but indications of slowdown emerge in April.

India | Core sectors output saw strong growth in April due to weak base but demand conditions generally weak.

Special topic

Supporting the steel-concrete composite relationship in construction

“The essential benefit of composite construction is that it synthesizes the best properties of both materials—for instance, steel has superior spanning and flexural capabilities, while concrete excels in compressive strength.” – Dario Trabucco, Research Manager, CTBUH

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Technical trends

Demand forecasting models for construction equipment OEMs

Demand-forecasting tools are becoming increasingly important as markets get disrupted and rapidly evolve. To thrive amidst these changes, Construction Equipment (CE) OEMs must be able to estimate future demand by using data-driven, analytical models that allow them to make rapid adjustments to production and supply chains. Improved demand forecasting models drive benefits in multiple areas, including revenue generation, cost control, and capital optimisation.

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