Construction market trends

US | Private residential output up 1.3% m-o-m (13.4% y-o-y); building permits up 0.5% m-o-m (0.6% y-o-y) to 1.899 million units & highest since 2006.

Europe | Improvement in construction driven by homebuilding & civil engineering but input cost inflation main risk to outlook.

US | Private non-residential output up 1.8% m-o-m (7.3% y-o-y). Architecture Billings Index (ABI) fell to 51 in January from 52 in December (>50, expansion).

India | Core sector growth slowed but remains stable.

Special topic

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) – A holistic approach to sustainable buildings

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at the University of Wollongong is a multi-disciplinary facility designed to address the challenge of transforming our buildings and built environment into sustainable, resilient and effective places for people to live and work.
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Technical trends

Climate risk and the opportunity for real estate

Climate change, previously a relatively peripheral concern for many real-estate players, has moved to the top of the agenda. Real-estate leaders should revalue assets, decarbonise, and create new business opportunities.
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