Construction market trends

US | private housing market continues to cool as mortgage rates increase; business conditions at architecture firms supportive.

Europe | Eurozone construction struggles as demand slows; sector PMI faces fifth straight month of contraction.

China | Residential property sector decline continues; incentives continue to aide property sales.

India | Heavy rains negatively impact construction in August.

Special topic

New Kelani Bridge is the first steel mega viaduct in Sri Lanka

The new Kelani Bridge is an outstanding example of structural steel use in a mega viaduct. The new six-lane bridge consists of two sections – a bridge section over the river, and the viaduct section (steel box girder), over the existing roadway showcasing technologies used for the first time in Sri Lanka.

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Technical trends

Net zero building: Retrofits and new technologies

Net-zero builders can create value by investing in next-generation technologies, replacing equipment with low-emissions models, and improving energy efficiency.

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