case study streatham regeneration

Streatham Regeneration, London, UK

The site of the former Streatham Ice Rink has been re-developed to create a new supermarket with a six-storey residential building on top using light steel framing.

Light steel framing is the preferred solution where weight saving, and speed of construction are fundamental to the success of the project. The re-development of the former Streatham Ice Rink site was made economically feasible by building a three to six storey residential building over a major new Tesco supermarket, and by relocating the new ice rink and bus station to either side. The $97m project provides 250 apartments arranged in a courtyard form.

Streatham Regeneration project team

  • Project Team Client: Spenhill Regeneration
  • Architect: Michael Aukett and partners
  • Consulting Engineer: Peter Brett Associates
  • Contractor: Vinci Construction
  • UK Light steel framing: Metek UK Ltd
  • Structural steel: Metek UK Ltd for residential levels, Atlas Ward for podium

Application Benefits

  • Fast construction for complex sites
  • Mixed use building
  • Composite floor slab supported on light steel wall panels
  • Balconies in light steel package
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Light weight for support by podium

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