Park Royal Hotel - garden

The Park Royal Hotel Pickering in Singapore stands as a shining example of sustainable architecture through its ‘hotel-in-a-garden’ design.

Situated in the heart of the city, this eco-friendly hotel’s design features swooping, steel-built contours that are based on natural rock formations. This unique design not only provides structural integrity but also contributes to the building’s sustainability. 

Created as an extension of Hong Lim Park, an urban green space in the centre of the city’s business district, the Park Royal Hotel Pickering is renowned for its striking ‘hotel-in-a-garden’ concept.

The structure features lush gardens and greenery on multiple levels, creating a living ecosystem that helps to reduce the urban heat island effect. These terraces and gardens that form the hotel’s green façade are supported by a steel structure that was selected for its flexibility, allowing for the architects to marry sustainability with a bold, exciting aesthetic.

Garden hotel
The lush 'hotel-in-a-garden' is watered by a steel-built rainwater collection and redistribution system

The Park Royal Hotel Pickering employs steel in its structural beams and columns and the use of recycled and sustainably sourced steel was a key component of the hotel’s green building strategy.

Utilising steel that meets high sustainability standards, reduced the environmental impact of the hotel’s construction, with the ability to precision manufacture all the component off-site also speeding the building process.

Steel’s high tensile strength also allowed for the efficient use of space and the incorporation of large windows. These windows maximize natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

The hotel also has solar panels installed on the roof, harnessing renewable energy to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Garden hotel Singapore
The sweeping, steel-built contoured design mimics that of natural rock formations

The hotel’s green design extends to water conservation, with a steel-built collection system efficiently directing rainwater to the building’s storage tanks. This harvested rainwater is then used for irrigation, reducing the demand on municipal water supplies and supporting the hotel’s lush gardens.

Beyond its structural and sustainable benefits, steel also contributes to the hotel’s aesthetic appeal. The steel framework is visible throughout the building, providing a sleek and modern appearance that complements the eco-friendly design. This blend of form and function exemplifies how sustainable architecture can also be visually striking.

The Park Royal Hotel Pickering has earned several environmental certifications, including the BCA Green Mark Platinum and the Universal Design Mark Platinum. These accolades reflect the hotel’s commitment to sustainability in design and construction.

The hotel is a shining example of how material choice is crucial to enabling sustainable architecture. The building’s innovative design, use of recycled and sustainably sourced steel, energy efficiency, durability, and reduced water consumption all contribute to the hotel’s green building ethos.

The Park Royal Hotel Pickering demonstrates that sustainability and elegance can coexist harmoniously and serves as an inspiration for sustainable buildings around the world.


Images: Park Royal Hotel Pickering