Park1538 is named after the melting point of pure steel – 1538℃ – and was built as a cultural space to share POSCO’s past, present, and future with the public.

Among some of the highlights of this eco-friendly space are the Waterside Park, POSCO History Museum, POSCO Museum, Hall of Honour, Chaoreum-gil and the Sky Bridge.

The Waterside Park is the first place visitors see as they come into Park1538. Designed with a theme of iron and nature, the existing wetlands have been renovated to create a space where visitors can enjoy themselves all year-round. The unique scenery around the fountain is expected every season and is beautifully harmonised with trees, flowers, and aquatic plants.

Across the Waterside Park is POSCO History Museum, where visitors are walked through the company’s founding in 1968 to its growth into a world-class steel producer through various historical records. Visitors going from the POSCO History Museum to the POSCO Museum take the green outdoor pathway, Chaoreum-gil.

Once arriving at the POSCO Museum, visitors are welcomed by the Infiniturn, a stainless steel rotating sculpture by Ron Arad, symbolising the infinite human creativity and reusability of steel – ‘The imagination of iron and human beings meets to develop human civilization infinitely.’ 

At the POSCO Museum, visitors can learn more about the history of iron and POSCO as a company, stories of employees through media technology and artworks by well-known national and foreign artists. There is also a rooftop garden, where everyone is invited to enjoy the view of Pohang Steelworks.

Another artwork on display at the POSCO Museum is the ‘Non-object, Pole,’ a work by Anish Kapoor, a modern art master in England. The smooth surface in the form of an hourglass reflects visitors and the surrounding environment tridimensionality, creating the illusion that space is expanding infinitely. The reflection, distortion, and transition of the current image reflected on the artwork is a spiritual and essential approach to the other side of reality, giving guests a moment to experience the artists’ world.

Moving on to the POSCO Hall of Honour, guests take the Sky Bridge, a 234m long high-line trail overlooking POSCO Steelworks and the surrounding nature. One of the highlights of this path is that it embodies a wind corridor that injects air used to set a fire to a furnace. The 14m high observatory has a glass floor, providing an exhilarating experience for visitors. Last but not least, once arriving at the POSCO Hall of Honour, guests can learn more about the people who have contributed to the company’s development.

worldsteel image library – Pohang Steelworks (POSCO)

Source: POSCO Newsroom | Images: POSCO