Southwark, London, United Kingdom

A new office building development in South London is a pioneering innovation project showcasing leaner and greener commercial construction practices. The net zero carbon development features two nine-storey office building– 13,000 square metres.  The Forge is inspired by its industrial heritage as the site of a foundry producing phosphor bronze.

Project team:

Pioneering innovation project using P-DfMA

The Forge aims to be the UK’s first net zero carbon commercial building, constructed and operated according to the UK’s Green Building Council framework and definition of net zero carbon buildings. In addition, it is the first major commercial building to be built using a platform approach to design for manufacture and assembly, or P-DfMA.

The use of the P-DfMA method means that standardised components are assembled using a ‘kit of parts’ and that most elements are fabricated offsite in repeatable sections. Through this ground-breaking construction method, projects can be completed 40% faster than a similar sized commercial scheme using more traditional construction techniques.

Tata Steel’s ComFlor® Beam is a vital component in this innovative approach

The product has been designed specifically for this project with the addition of steel reinforcement members to create a completely new type of structural beam assembly. The ComFlor® Beam profile has given a number of advantages to the project, including improved floor-to-ceiling heights. When coupled with an integrated services solution, the trapezoidal shape creates a shallow beam that minimises the resultant combined structure and services zone, maximising the clear height and apparent volume of the space.

Images: Tata Steel Europe | Full case study