A twisting steel chain

As awareness of the need for responsible sourcing increases, there will be greater focus on sustainable supply chains for minerals and products.

More than 50% of worldwide steel production goes into steel buildings and infrastructure, and with a growing population this need is set to increase. As a resource-heavy sector, there is rising demand for the construction industry to ensure that sustainable procurement practices are followed and that the materials and products used in buildings are sourced responsibly.

Steelmakers are increasingly offering more sustainable construction solutions that enable low-carbon and energy efficient buildings. This requires an efficient and fully integrated supply chain, which the steel construction industry operates across the globe. Steelwork contractors come in various sizes, levels of expertise and capability, offering specifiers and buyers highly competitive tender options.

Quality assurance runs throughout the constructional steel supply chain. Steel sections are manufactured, tested and certified to international standards and are delivered with inspection certificates to guarantee their provenance.

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