What is the constructsteel steel solutions platform?

It is an online platform which aims to centralise the steel-related products and solutions available within the steel industry and its stakeholders, showcasing the many existing steel solutions available at the local, country, and regional levels into a central platform.

The steel solutions platform offers easily searchable steel construction solutions and products. Our aim is to raise awareness of locally available solutions while further enhancing the connection among steel construction stakeholders.

Submissions from steel-producing members of constructsteel and non-members are accepted.

Why is constructsteel launching it?

constructsteel is focusing its efforts on developing the ecosystem for steel construction. Activities in this regard involve increased interaction of the steel industry with participants of the steel construction value chain, i.e. academics, architects, designers, engineers, developers, etc. The steel solutions platform is one activity through which constructsteel is facilitating engagement with the steel construction value chain.

What are the benefits of uploading my solutions/products?

In 2022, constructsteel.org had a total of over 85k  users, offering a great opportunity to showcase new steel construction solutions.

A constructsteel steel-producing member who currently promotes their products/solutions at the local level may want to promote these solutions in other countries/regions. At the same time, stakeholders who may only know of a product/solution which may only exist at their local level may become aware of several other products/solutions in different parts of the world.

How does the platform work?

  1. Fill in the online form to submit your solution(s)
  2. Your upload will be reviewed, and once verified, your solution will be available here.
  3. Check the email provided for any incoming customer inquiries.
  4. Change your entry by contacting steelsolutions@worldsteel.org, if needed.

How will activity on the platform be tracked?

Tracking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) below will provide insights that can aid stakeholders in making data-driven decisions. Our monthly report will cover the following:

  • User inquiries and conversion rates: requests to a company for additional information via our platform.
  • Pageviews: the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.
  • New users versus returning users: number of users who have never been to the webpage and those who have and returned.
  • Average time on page: The average amount of time users spend viewing a specified page or screen or set of pages or screens.

The data relevant to the solutions/products uploaded will be shared with you via a monthly report.