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Lightweight Steel Integrated House

BAOWU – All Regions

  • Lightweight steel integrated house is a prefabricated housing product composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel keel, composite panels, etc. manufactured by numerical control machines, and is suitable for post-disaster restoration.
  • Lightweight steel integrated housing product configuration is mature, with a high degree of industrialisation, quick on-site installation, adapting to market demand of different regions and levels, and technical characteristics of safety, earthquake resistance, applicability, economy, environmental protection, speed, and durability, and the construction and use of the process has a low environmental impact and strong climate adaptability.


  • Safe – Multiple lines of defence are established to assure exceptional aseismic, windproof, and waterproof performance that can resist harsh situations like severe earthquakes and typhoons.
  • Comfortable – No pollution of materials; using a ventilation system to offer fresh air indoors at all times ; complemented by details such as child-friendly, elderly-friendly, and so on, to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment.
  • Strong adaptability – Suited to a wide range of climatic and geographical circumstances and purposes.
  • Fast and efficient – By combining standardised design, factory manufacturing, and modular assembly with BIM information design and management technology, the construction cycle can be cut in half as compared to traditional buildings.
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly – Advanced composite walls and roofing, as well as other peripheral systems of thermal insulation technology, combined with energy-saving equipment, to achieve superior energy-saving impact ; selected green building materials, construction site environmental protection, with no dust, noise, or waste water pollution.


  1. Oasis Beverly Garden Housing 2012
  2. Xinjiang Silk Road Scenic Resort 2016
  3. Public Restroom Project in Kunshan, Jiangsu 2018
  4. Public Restroom Project in Nanchang, Jiangxi 2018
  5. Rikaze Pastoralist Housing Project 2018
  6. Baowu Happiness Village, Rikaze, China 2019
  7. Yazariz Port Project in Zhongba County 2020
  8. Rikaze International Mail Office 2020
  9. Well-off Village Project In Yadong County 2021
  10. Tibet 215 Project 2022


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