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Mobile Bridge System for Army

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Modular bridge project showcases India’s progress in designing and developing world-class military equipment and pave the way for enhancing defence exports to friendly countries.

Modular bridge is a mechanically launched single-span bridging system which can be deployed over wet/dry gaps of different span varying from 14m to 46m. The equipment can be operated in plain, desert and semi-desert terrain during day and night conditions by a crew of 6+1 (commander).

The bridge can be employed over various types of obstacles like canals & ditches with quick launching and retrieval capabilities. The equipment is highly mobile, versatile, rugged and capable of keeping pace with wheeled and tracked mechanised vehicles.


  • Mechanical launching of bridge without access of far end in 90 minutes
  • Military load class 70 ton of both tracked and wheeled vehicles
  • System mounted on 10×10 HMV and 8×8 HMV
  • Launching time : 90 minutes (for 46 m span)


Restoration Solution, Road & Bridge

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