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With the development of the HISTAR steels, ArcelorMittal has succeeded in creating structural steels combining high yield strength with excellent toughness at low temperatures and outstanding weldability.


In gravity columns (steel and composite columns with hot rolled profiles for higher resistance under axial compression, cruciform sections, and tailor-made solutions), the use of HISTAR 460 compared to S355 brings an immediate 30% improvement of the axial stress resistance in relation to cost, weight savings, and gains in net carpet area.

In long span trusses, the use of HISTAR steels reduces the size and weight of its members, allowing for more economical and lighter designs. The same applies to belt trusses and outriggers, which improve stiffness and strength and add torsional resistance in high rise buildings. In foundation solutions, considerable weight savings are automatically ensured when using HISTAR for HZ-M King piles in axial compression.


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