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BlueScope – Australia

Light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel can be prefabricated offsite, to support minimizing waste and driving efficiencies onsite. It’s strong, straight and true, and dimensionally accurate which assists with rapid construction.

Celsius structural hollow sections

Tata Steel UK Ltd – All Regions

Our innovative Celsius range combines proven performance with complete reliability of a true hot finished hollow section to EN 10210. Celsius offers stronger, lighter, more cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing structural tubes.

SmartFAB Welded wire mesh or fabric

Tata Steel – All Regions

SmartFab is a ready to use welded wire mesh suitable for various applications like grade slabs in warehouse floor, deck slabs, concrete roads, drains, precast panels etc.

TMCP Steel Plate

JFE Steel Corporation – Japan

Having the finer grain microstructure, TMCP steel plate achieves higher strength and toughness than the conventional steel. Higher design strength is highly useful and effective in various design aspects.

Skinning Module 01

CA Plan – All Regions

The Skinning series is designed with animal skins with leather as a motif. It is designed to form a specialized pattern by changing the height according to the shape of the lower extremities, especially by using the snake skin grid.

Weaving Module 01

CA Plan – All Regions

Weaving series is a three-dimensional module by forming the thickness based on the diagrid and lifting the edge of the node.

Super Jumbos

ArcelorMittal – All Regions

Super Jumbos are extra heavy rolled wide flange sections with up to 140 mm (5 1/2 in) flange thickness and weigh up to 1377 kg/m (925lbs/ft).


ArcelorMittal – All Regions

Angelina beam offer a new architectural dimension and environmentally friendly approach. With their sinusoidal web openings, they combine function with flexibility, integrating technical installations and optimizing the weight/height ratio.


ArcelorMittal – All Regions

With the development of the HISTAR steels, ArcelorMittal has succeeded in creating structural steels combining high yield strength with excellent toughness at low temperatures and outstanding weldability.

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