Skinning Module 01

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The Skinning series is designed with animal skins with leather as a motif. It is designed to form a specialized pattern by changing the height according to the shape of the lower extremities, especially by using the snake skin grid.


The Skinning series is a type in which the same module is placed on a specified grid without overlapping parts and a three-dimensional surface is formed. It is a concept in which a skin of volume is formed by repetitive arrangement of module cells, and has a biomimetic feature. The module 01 series is designed with the motive of the skin of a living organism, and creates a three-dimensional pattern by changing the module arrangement within the possible range. The image can be applied as a variable, and the image that the consumer wants can be applied to the facade with an algorithm that replaces the pixel data of the image with the height data of the module. The layout of the module has a high density, so the visual exposure inside and outside is low.


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