We are pleased to announce the launch of the constructsteel Steel Solutions platform. This online hub aims to centralise steel construction products and solutions available from within the steel construction value chain and from around the world on the platform. The global construction industry is generally composed of many small to medium-sized enterprises whose products and/or solutions may be constrained or visible to their local market. In contrast, large developers may have offices located in major regions or countries, meaning that products and/or solutions are more likely to have greater visibility.

Therefore, the Steel Solutions platform is very much aimed at bringing the products and/or solutions of small and medium-sized enterprises into a centralised setting. This will make it easier for interested parties from around the world to find a product and/or solution which may exist in another part of the world and thus support the global steel industry and its products.

The Steel Solutions platform is a subset of our work aimed at developing the ecosystem for steel construction. Indeed, this is being done by engaging with all participants in the steel construction value chain. Examples of other activities in this regard include an annual conference, award ceremony, and communications activities.

We welcome submissions from both constructsteel steel-producing members as well as from non-members. By uploading your steel construction solutions and products, you will have the opportunity to showcase your solutions to our audience of over 240k users on an annual basis.

Submitting your solutions and products to the platform is a straightforward process. You can fill out the online upload form and await the review and verification of your submission. Once your solutions are approved, they will be accessible on the platform, and you will be informed of any incoming inquiries. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact us at steelsolutions@worldsteel.org.

To monitor activity on the platform, we will be using key performance indicators, including user inquiries, conversion rates, and page views. Participating companies will receive relevant data on their solutions to make data-driven decisions.

We invite you to join us and upload your solutions to the Steel Solutions platform today.