In a significant milestone for sustainable construction, POSCO’s Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas secured the prestigious constructsteel Award in 2023 for their outstanding commitment to sustainability. This recognition represents a significant moment in the evolution of eco-conscious housing, highlighting POSCO’s dedication to innovative steel construction.

Nestled amidst the verdant beauty of Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea in Songdo, Incheon, the project harmoniously melds the allure of golf with environmentally responsible living. The project’s name, ‘POSCO Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas,’ stands as a symbol of eco-conscious living.

At its core, this pioneering venture embodies a holistic sustainability ethos, encapsulated in three fundamental pillars: Steel House, Sustainability, and Smart Home. These principles collectively chart a path to achieving the project’s overarching objective of zero-energy efficiency.

Green House

The fundamental cornerstone of this visionary undertaking is steel, renowned for its durability and eco-friendliness. Here, PosMAC steel, a POSCO innovation celebrated for its resistance to corrosion and robustness, forms the bedrock of construction. This cutting-edge steel construction offers homes boasting not only spacious interiors but also superior insulation properties and minimal radon emissions, all while holding the highest zero-energy certification.

Zero-energy technology takes centre stage within Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas, featuring state-of-the-art elements like solar panels and high-efficiency systems. A noteworthy milestone is the total absence of fossil fuel reliance, with solar panels generating ample electricity to power every villa system. As a result, the project proudly claims the highest zero-energy certification in this remarkable feat.

The implementation of a smart home solution represents another milestone. This innovative offering is the result of a collaboration between POSCO and Samsung Electronics, allowing residents to manage all electrical appliances and energy systems via a single, user-friendly application. Furthermore, this smart home solution serves as an invaluable resource for shaping future eco-friendly strategies within the POSCO Group by accumulating data on energy usage and production.

Comport House

Within this visionary project, three distinct villas stand as living embodiments of the sustainability concepts:

  • The Gallery Villa prioritises the aesthetic allure of steel, encouraging residents to explore the material’s endless potential.
  • The Green Villa champions eco-friendly living, blending biophilic design with modern sustainability for a sophisticated lifestyle.
  • The Comfort Villa draws inspiration from traditional Korean architecture, offering a comfortable and culturally rich home designed for global interaction.

While adhering to common landscape guidelines, each of these three villas distinguishes itself by offering unique interior spaces that mirror their individual characters.

‘POSCO Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas’ signifies a momentous shift in sustainable living, presenting an eco-conscious alternative to the traditional concrete-dominated housing market. The POSCO Group’s unwavering commitment to a cleaner planet and a brighter future radiates through this pioneering project.

A beacon of innovation and ecological responsibility, POSCO’s Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas spark hope for the green future of housing. This landmark venture indicates a new era of more sustainable and resilient steel housing, inviting all of us to make environmentally conscious choices in our living spaces.

constructsteel Awards 2023 - Excellence in Sustainability

POSCO Innovilt Zero Energy Villas