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We Invented a steel frame structure with special-shaped beams and columns wrapped in tubular joints, and is the first steel structure prefabricated residential commercial housing project in Handan City, Hebei Province.

Heterogeneous beam column and outer shell tubular joints were used to improve seismic performance.


  1. Specially shaped beams and columns improve spatial use while reducing structural self weight and enhancing the ability to resist seismic forces.
  2. Directly welding steel plates on the outer side of the column eliminates the need for partition technology (cutting the steel pipe column to install the plate), improving the processing efficiency of the steel structure by over 80%
  3. A certain thickness of outer casing ensures that the column cavity maintains the rigidity of the nodes without partitions ; No need to add inner partitions, ensuring strength and stiffness, with better seismic resistance.


The “Lugang New City Fuhe Mingwan Project“ located in Handan, China.


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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