Solutions for Earthquake

Air-cooled Rebar Mesh for RC Structural Plate Members

TATA Steel – All Regions

Generally welded wire meshes produced from cold drawing of wires have high strength but fall behind in ductility parameters such as elongation (%) and UTS/YS ratio compared to TMT bars.

Bolted and Repairable Moment Frames

Nucor Construction Solutions – All Regions

Moment frames are excellent lateral force resisting systems because they allow architectural flexibility while providing a system that is ductile and reliable.

Cladding Structure

POSCO – All Regions

The non-welded cladding system is highly effective for seismic performance.

Concrete-filled Tube

Japan Iron and Steel Federation – All Regions

Concrete-filled Tube structure is a structural framing comprised of concrete-filled tubes, CFTs, and steel beams.

Concrete-filled Composite Steel Plate Shear Wall

Nucor Construction Solutions – All Regions

The Concrete-filled Composite Steel Plate Shear Wall (CF-CPSW) comprises sandwiched panel of steel plates that are filled with concrete.

Heavy Steel Factory Building with Crane and Equipment Platform

HBIS Group – All Regions

Steel factory beam-to-column connections are fully rigid connection along the span direction, use cross brace system along the column spacing direction Steel has good ductility and higher elongation than concrete structures.

Hiper Damper

POSCO – All Regions

Various types of steel dampers are installed in the building using Low Yield Point steel (HSA80) to control damage to the main beam and column.

LuGang Technology

HBIS Group – All Regions

We Invented a steel frame structure with special-shaped beams and columns wrapped in tubular joints, and is the first steel structure prefabricated residential commercial housing project in Handan City, Hebei Province.

Reduced Beam Sections (RBS)

ArcelorMittal – All Regions

Structural members with long uninterrupted spanning and large loading capacity are needed in the design of tall buildings, convention centres, sport arenas and airport concourses.

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