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STS Fire Hydrant Box

POSCO – All Regions

  • The fire extinguishing device installed underground to maximise space utilisation
  • Ensuring structural performance that can withstand a maximum load of 36 tons
  • Made of stainless steel that does not rust, including the lid and the internal body
  • The installation of insulation material can prevent freezing
  • The increased space utilisation by installing a tool storage box inside
  • A bracket is installed for left and right rotation


Installation of one-touch locking device suitable for firefighting.

Ease of Use
In order for even elderly or weak individuals to suppress a fire with a little effort, the lid has been made lighter in weight

There is no occurrence of the lid damages by applying the design for increased load carrying capacity


  1. Seoul Ssangmun Traditional Market – 2021
  2. Jeonnam Moksa Goeul Market – 2021
  3. Gyunggi Icheon Gwango Market – 2022
  4. Seoul Mangwon Market – 2022
  5. Buan Daily Market – 2022
  6. Gwangju Bia 5 days Market – 2022
  7. Gyunggi Wonmi Buheung Market – 2022
  8. Busan Gukje Market – 2022
  9. Gyunggi Geumchon Market – 2022
  10. Sajik Market – 2022


Prevention Solution, Fire

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