Solutions for Fire

SEN Fire Escape Ladder

POSCO – All Regions

Guarantees increased durability by applying PosMAC (Posco’s next generation high corrosion resistant steel) Increased constructionability by minimising interference during installing rebars (There is no need for reinforcing steel plate around box due to high strength PosMAC) Minimised welding points by using rivet and bolt joints and superior welding quality through laser welding Acquisition of formal approval by Korea Fire Institute

STS Fire Hydrant Box

POSCO – All Regions

The fire extinguishing device installed underground to maximise space utilisation Ensuring structural performance that can withstand a maximum load of 36 tons Made of stainless steel that does not rust, including the lid and the internal body The installation of insulation material can prevent freezing The increased space utilisation by installing a tool storage box inside A bracket is installed for left and right rotation

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