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Nest-in (Rapid House)

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Rapid House is a faster and economical construction solution, the skeleton is made of hot rolled tubular structures made by ‘Tata Structura’ and cladded with sandwich panels made of PUF/mineral wool with PPGL sheets. These are lightweight with good thermal and acoustic efficiency, prefabricated in factory to get good Quality. Less on-site labor and construction time which can be used as a quick restoration solution. It can be built in the range with G, G+1, G+2 floors for disaster relief camps, labor accommodation, canteen, and toilets.


  • Excellent seismic resistance
  • Excellent wind resistance
  • User-friendly framing and connection
  •  Easy and fast installation
  •  0.45mm thick PPGL sheet sandwiched with PUF/mineral wool insulation for thermal comfort
  •  Galvalume sheets extend better corrosion resistance properties

Advantages Of Rapid House

4x Faster Construction
Majority of structural steelwork is pre-fabricated with very little site work leading to fast construction which makes it ideal for recovering Infrastructure and utilities.

They can be easily moved off a site to deconstruct and discard materials responsibly or to continue being used on another site, no need for demolition.

High Strength
Steel’s high strength allows for the creation of lighter, thinner structures that can support heavy loads. Resisting deformation and stress, It is an ideal choice for high loads or harsh environmental conditions.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion due to the presence of chromium, which forms a protective layer on the surface of the steel.

Wall Panels
50mm thick sandwich panel
Pre Painted Galvalume sheet
on both sides

Roof Panels
Pre-Painted Galvalume 0.45mm
thick Sheet On Both Sides

RockWool Sandwich Insulated Panel
for Kitchen for Fire Insulation.


Worker accommodation at Noamundi, Iron ore mines


Restoration Solution, Housing & building

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