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Air-cooled Rebar Mesh for RC Structural Plate Members

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Generally welded wire meshes produced from cold drawing of wires have high strength but fall behind in ductility parameters such as elongation (%) and UTS/YS ratio compared to TMT bars. Therefore, usage of welded wire mesh was limited to selected applications in concrete structures.

However, now rebar meshes manufactured using air cooled technology, we are able to produce meshes with high ductility i.e better elongation and better TS to YS ratio. This makes the mesh ideal for use in earthquake resistant structures.


Properties  – Sm@rtFAB (Air- cooled mesh)

Min. UTS[Ultimate tensile strength] (Mpa) – 595
Min. YS[Yield strength] (Mpa) – 550
Min. %[Percentage] elongation – 16%
Weld shear strength – ~0.40 times



Mantri Energia Project, Bangalore – 2019


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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