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Fire-resistant Steel Panel

POSCO – All Regions

  • A colour steel sheet that does not easily ignite at high temperatures and produces less smoke and harmful gases. It meets the performance standards for non-flammable materials prescribed by Ordinance of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
  • Fire-safety improved, non-combustible panel solutions as a facade component of system architecture. Flame spread-restraint was improved using non-flammable colour steel sheet and fire-proof material combinations.


WeatherProof BLACK
High thermal insulation, fire-proof, water-repellent for ventilated glasswool facade

Non-welding Support Frame
PosMAC support frames with Non-welding connections for fire safety during installation

Fire-Proof Sheet
Inorganic material sheets for improving thermal insulation, vibration- and fire-proofness

Non-flammable colour steel sheet
PosMAC-based non-flammable colour steel panel approved by KS F ISO 1182


  1. POSCO Chemical Plant Complex – 2021
  2. Jack Nicklaus Golf Villa – 2023


Prevention Solution, Extreme Temperature

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