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SEN Fire Escape Ladder

POSCO – All Regions

  • Guarantees increased durability by applying PosMAC (Posco’s next generation high corrosion resistant steel)
  • Increased constructionability by minimising interference during installing rebars (There is no need for reinforcing steel plate around box due to high strength PosMAC)
  • Minimised welding points by using rivet and bolt joints and superior welding quality through laser welding
  • Acquisition of formal approval by Korea Fire Institute


Exemption for installation of shelter
Exemption from installing shelter spaces in accordance with building codes. (46-5)

Space efficiency
Increase in usable balcony area and improvement of resident satisfaction

Economic Viability
Reduced construction costs


  1. Sokcho Koaroo Hutis – 2021
  2. Kangreung Koaroo Hutis – 2021
  3. Pyeongchon ELPROUD – 2021
  4. Sasong Jeil-Pungkyeongchae – 2021


Prevention Solution, Fire

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