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Double Steel Sheet Pile Walls

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Method for reinforcing river embankment by restraining Double (double row) Steel Sheet Pile Walls as embankment body by tie rod.

By placing Steel Sheet Piles on the butt of the river embankment or inside the embankment, the cause of embankment collapse during Flood and Earthquake is shut out, and the collapse of the embankment is suppressed.

It is a tenacious embankment reinforcement method which makes the time until the embankment collapse even a little longer in case of overflow of water.


If the ground under the embankment is a sand/ gravel bed, the seepage flow of the embankment base causes the embankment to collapse if the high water level continues.

The Steel Sheet Pile is placed on the butt of the embankment method to block the seepage flow in the ground to prevent the embankment collapse.

By installing Double Steel Sheet Piles in the embankment, the collapse cycle of overflow, lowering of embankment height, increasing of overflow water volume, collapse acceleration is broken, and the lowering of embankment height is prevented, and collapse is prevented. The double steel sheet pile in the embankment is also effective for water leakage of the embankment body.


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