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Steel Sheet Piles

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Method of controlling lateral flow of the ground by means of seismic retrofit applying steel material either at hinterland or in front of revetment.


Method of seismic retrofit applying steel sheet piles, steel pipe sheet piles and other steel materials as a measure to control lateral flow of the ground which occurs with liquefaction etc, in an earthquake at revetment

Rapid construction
Utilising hinterland space makes easy construction

Preservation of existing structure
Both modification of existing structure and large alteration of berth line is unnecessary

Effective in combination of other purpose
Combination with countermeasures against flood tide or anti-aging is also possible


Applicable sector

  • Revetment Disaster
  • Prevention

Track record
Japan 5 ~ 10 cases

Standard condition of applications

  • Water depth··· ~ Approx.10m
  • Location ··· Coast, River
  • Type of existing foundation ··· Gravity, Piled

For other conditions than the above, please contact the company stated below.


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