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Steel Sheet Piles

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Construction method employing steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles for increasing size of vessels (increase in port depth), improvement in seismic resistance, and renovation of aged  structures. This method can be applied to quays, revetments and other existing port structures.


  1. Reduction of construction period and cost
    Reduction of construction cost by making use of existing structures.In addition, education of construction period by using steel material.
  2. Space-saving type of execution method Work is fast and easy even in small areas.
  3. Applicable to all the existing structures
    Applicable to various types of the existing structure (pier type, sheet pile type and gravity type).
  4. Upgrade
    Not only improvement in seismic resistance but also increasing in port depth can be attained.


Many track records in Japan. Ex.
Tokyo port, Osaka port,
Hakata port , Tomakomai port, etc


Infrastructure, Restoration Solution

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