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Natural Hazard Prevention and Mitigation Solutions

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  • Mean sea level rise is currently increasing the frequency of extreme hazard events., requiring for immediate action to prevent and mitigate climate change effects via flood defences and coastal erosion protection schemes.
  • Steel sheet piles are an adequate solution when facing high external loads, (i.e .waves), limited space, time pressure, and stringent requirements for low noise impact.
  • They are used as cut-of solutions, dike reinforcement, river embankment protection or groins to avoid further damaging consequences for households, agriculture, infrastructure and industrial assets.


High strength resistance
Due to the intrinsic properties of steel
(i.e. ductility and flexibility) sheet piles allow to have lighter structures, high design flexibility, high resilience – high quality assurance.

Speed of installation
As a prefabricated element, sheet piles allow for an immediate start of works, low level of equipment mobilisation and short preparation period of the construction site.

Adequate for low noise requirements
Thanks to pressing piling equipment, it is possible to perform installation without disturbing the surroundings.

Fitting to the circular economy principles
Substantial CO2 savings using low carbon steel, as EcoSheetPileTM Plus is produced from 100% recycled material and 100% renewable energy


  1. Stormwater retention basin, Lübeck, Germany – 2000
  2. Breakwater “Marina Pez Vela”, Costa Rica – 2008
  3. Flood defence on River Thames, UK – 2012
  4. Odra River Protection, Poland – 2014
  5. Coastal groins, Cayeux sur Mer, France – 2015
  6. River groins, La Pastora River, Peru – 2016
  7. Flood defence, Givet, France – 2020
  8. Dyke reinforcement, Gorinchem-Waardenburg, Netherlands – 2021
  9. Flood protection, Huntington Beach California, USA – 2022
  10. NYC Coastal Resiliency project, New York, USA – 2022


Prevention Solution, Flood & Storm

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