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  • Structural steel forming an adherent protective oxide layer in a suitable environment, also called “patina”, which minimises further corrosion and therefore does not need any additional coating.
  • The patina forms under alternating dry and wet cycles and firmly adheres to the base material.


  1. The omission of the coating results in reduced construction time and allows e.g., for a quick reconstruction of the infrastructure after a disaster.
  2. Weathering steel (Arcorox) reduces the maintenance efforts and costs over the lifecycle of the bridge.


Refurbishment of the bridge “Pont de Pertus” , France (06), partially destroyed by floods in October 2020. Reopened in 2021 using 4 girders with hot-rolled sections HL 1000 B in Arcorox􀃘 for destroyed span


Prevention Solution, Extreme Temperature

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